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At Companion Animal Hospital, we offer routine surgeries like neuters and spays, but also therapeutic soft tissue and orthopedic surgery as well.  We are pleased to offer a variety of pre- and perioperative monitoring like ECG screening and blood pressure monitoring. 

You can find pre-surgical information here.





Worried that your pet will wander off or run away?  Companion Animal offers microchipping with one-time lifetime registration.  Enjoy peace of mind that your pet is uniquely identifiable and linked to your contact information.



The core vaccinations for pet include distemper/parvo for dogs and panleukopenia (PRC) for cats, and rabies for dogs and cats.  Talk to your veterinarian during your pet's wellness exam about which vaccinations are recommended and on what schedule.  (For puppies and kittens, first vaccinations begin at 6 weeks of age and are boostered again in 3-4 weeks.



Does your dog's breath make you want to cry?  Has your cat stopped grooming like they used to?  Pets need dental care too!   In fact, periodontal infection (the bacteria under your pets gumline) is a form of chronic disease that can leave your pet feeling less than ideal.  A complete dentistry is an opportunity to improve the look and smell of your pet's mouth, but also to make them feel better from head to tail!


We have the ability to run labwork and answer your questions about your pets health quickly and locally without having to send out tests and wait overnight for results.



We think you'll agree!  We would rather keep your pet healthy than treat an illness later!  Wellness exams give your pet a chance to meet our staff, and provide a yearly opportunity for us make sure your pet is as healthy as they seem!  It is also an excellent chance for you to ask those general questions about nutrition and care.  When we have a lifelong relationship with our patients, we can truly provide better care.


Companion Animal Hospital is truly one of the last clinics in the area that offers emergency phone contact and emergency medical care to our clients.  We love your pets like our own, and we want to be available, whether it is a quick answer to calm your fears or treatment through the night or weekend if needed.  For after hours help, call our regular clinic phone number- 218-739-3383- and follow instructions to reach the veterinarian on-call.

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